Gear up for a camping trip

Gear up for a camping trip
Camp sites can give you the best vacation of your life. There are reasons to love camping:
1. Trying out new camping gear and showing off new gadgets to your fellow campers.
2. The extra oxygen created by trees and plant life at your campsite.
3. The sense of exploration you get from hiking in a new area.
4. The improved physical health that you can enjoy from spending time outdoors.
5. An up-close-and-personal looks at your local plant and animal life.
6. The feeling that you get from improving your bond with your loved ones, friends and coworkers through a long camping trip.
7. The stress relief you get from leaving your work at the office for the weekend.
8. The pride you feel when you (finally) start a campfire.
9. The absolute silence you can enjoy when boating on a large lake or the ocean.
10. The wonderful feeling of peace and solitude that you get from handling a camping trip on your own or with friends.
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