Kerala, nesting in the lap of nature and rightly called “God’s Own Country” is a place for all those seeking a holiday getaway. It is the duty of a religious traveller to devote a chunk of time to visit all the bounties the state has to offer.

There are innumerable destinationsin Kerala that will capture your attention. One such place Idukki. Known for its dense forests and mountainous hills, the place has one of the largest river in Kerala ‘Periyar’ flowing through a gorge formed by highest twin statues in Kerala “Kuravan” and “Kurathi” perhaps this is where the district gets its name, the Malayalam word “idukku” meaning ‘a narrow gorge’.

Reaching Idukki
You can reach via train, nearest railway station being Kottayam about 114 km away and via air the closest airport is in Madurai being 140 km.Idukki, without a doubt, is one of the offbeat vacation destinations to pick up for a blissful experience. Although the place can be visited all year round yet the best time to visit Idukki is from October to February.


Summer starts in March with sunny days and pleasant evenings. This weather is suited for visiting places like Keezharkuthu Falls, Ramakkalmedu, Hill View Park and Cheruthoni Dam.


Monsoons are rainy and since there are mountains and damns, it is best to avoid visiting during this season as many attractions might be closed for visit. Not to mention it will be a dampener for outdoor campers.
Winters pay a visit early in October. Thanks to the natural surroundings, the weather remains cool and pleasant making it the perfect time to visit.
Homely food and the scenic views adds good vibe to the whole camping atmosphere. Drive in camps also ensures ease of access. Campper has numerous campsites that are verified secured and family friendly in and around Idukki
While it is always best to get a clear idea of the weather when planning camping in Kerala, the weather should not deter you from making the most of the time that you get away from the humdrum of a busy life and into the wilderness. As Anthony D’Angelo puts it, “Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, bring your own sunshine.”



Gear up for a camping trip

Gear up for a camping trip
Camp sites can give you the best vacation of your life. There are reasons to love camping:
1. Trying out new camping gear and showing off new gadgets to your fellow campers.
2. The extra oxygen created by trees and plant life at your campsite.
3. The sense of exploration you get from hiking in a new area.
4. The improved physical health that you can enjoy from spending time outdoors.
5. An up-close-and-personal looks at your local plant and animal life.
6. The feeling that you get from improving your bond with your loved ones, friends and coworkers through a long camping trip.
7. The stress relief you get from leaving your work at the office for the weekend.
8. The pride you feel when you (finally) start a campfire.
9. The absolute silence you can enjoy when boating on a large lake or the ocean.
10. The wonderful feeling of peace and solitude that you get from handling a camping trip on your own or with friends.
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