Camping & Hiking

It is time for you to shoulder your backpack and head to the vast wilderness. The Starry night sky, fresh air and melodious sounds of untouched nature are a balm to tired minds and souls. Recuperate from your worldly cares in the lap of Mother Nature.
Switch off the gadgets
The bane of modern life is our dependence on gadgets. Mental tiredness is often triggered by the pressure of a beeping gadget. The link that is created by the laptop, or the phone or the tablet often negates the time that you keep aside for yourself. Camping is the one vacation that takes you to locations that are out of the connectivity zones. There are no Wi-Fi signals that interfere with your much-needed rest.
Bonding with family and friends
You are closer to your family and friends and give them your undivided attention. This stimulates bonding and togetherness.
Zero Distractions
There are no distractions and tensions that encroach into your private time. It is the perfect time and place to learn new activities, enjoy adventurous sports and in general do things together.
Pet Friendly
It is also a much-needed break that can include your pets. Camping is an outdoor activity which has no restrictions on the presence of your dog. The open wilderness or even a planned campsite welcomes your best friend. Spend time with your pooch and rejuvenate.
Make Memories
The family which camps together shares a treasure trove of memories of things they experience together. Shared memories form the base of strong relationships.
Budget-Friendly Trips
Camping can be as austere as you want to make it. The best camping holidays are often the ones we pay the least for. If your budget is tight then camping could be the answer to your search for low-cost holidays. If you are looking to pamper yourself there is an option for deluxe camping with all the modern amenities thrown in.


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