Camping Experiences : Campper

Being a Campper connects you to a tribe, who thinks and act for the nature. Campper is on a mission to enable new campsites and being a Campper scout gives you an opportunity to explore and review the virgin campsites first hand.
If you have extra land and if you are willing to share, we help you build an extraordinary camp site. In simple terms, you share your land and we share our Expertise. So why wait, be a Host at Campper!
Finding a campsite, which is verified, well equipped and secured always turns out to be a tiresome and painful process. Campper simply acts as a one stop shop for campsites which are verified, well equipped and secured. There are no distractions and tensions that encroach into your private time. It is the perfect time and place to learn new activities, enjoy adventurous sports and in general do things together.
It is also a much-needed break that can include your pets. Camping is an outdoor activity which has no restrictions on the presence of your dog. The open wilderness or even a planned campsite welcomes your best friend. Spend time with your pooch and rejuvenate.
Camping can be as austere as you want to make it. The best camping holidays are often the ones we pay the least for. If your budget is tight then camping could be the answer to your search for low-cost holidays. If you are looking to pamper yourself there is an option for deluxe camping with all the modern amenities thrown in.


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